About MDR

A Real and Utilized Understanding of the Medical Device Space Who We Are

We build the teams that define the medical device industry. Our process is proven, repeatable and designed to provide reliable and high-quality executive level search.

Practiced and Accurate

Our vast network comes from 32 years of industry experience and continues to grow through consistently building relationships.

A Niche Focus

Our industry knowledge is deeply rooted in every aspect of the Medical Device and Medical Technology markets.

Utilitarian Capabilities

We are specialized, but within our industry the diversity of roles is immense. We have positioned ourselves to fill a variety of roles in the medical device industry.

Proven Process

We have honed and refined our process, learning from every search and successful placement. Combining this with personal and product knowledge, we are able to deliver measurable results in the industry that we thrive in.

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Your Greatest Asset in Talent Acquisition

Our team is a group of expert recruiters heavily entrenched within the hyper-competitive field of Medical Device. We maintain an agile working knowledge of every essential development in our industry and are fully prepared to source talent with far-reaching viability.

Established or Start-up, your company’s talent needs are our priority.
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Our Clients

Gain a resource of immeasurable value that will function as an invaluable asset in securing the leadership-capable candidates your company will need to compete.

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Candidates Welcome

We are your advocates and will help you confidentiality mobilize your career down paths you may not know are even viable. Gain the advantage that our experience has to offer you.

Put your resources to their most effective use. Medical Device Recruiters has the experience and the relevant industry knowledge to identify and retain the best talent in the market today.